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lake cisco christian camp

Do you remember those places from long ago? Places that forever are etched in your memory. Places where time seems to be suspended, and the memory of it brings laughter and joy to your heart. A place so sentimental to you, that you are almost  overwhelmed with peace in your heart to the point you don’t even need to be there to feel its presence in your life. This is that place.

Since 1958, LAKE CISCO CHRISTIAN CAMP has been a shelter for young people to spend brief, but life-changing moments of their lives. Elders, Deacons, Ministers, Worship Leaders, and Bible Class Teachers have all left their footprints on the sandy hilltop just a few miles north of Cisco and just across from the shores of Lake Cisco on Highway 6.

Originally built in the 1930’s, the camp site was purchased with help from many Big Country churches of Christ and has operated under the 

leadership at the Cisco church of Christ. It has been supported through the years by many, many congregations and will continue to be until, with God’s blessing, the Day His Son returns.

Thousands of campers have been involved in countless activities through all these years: singing, worshipping, praying, teaching, learning, and on very special occasions, devoting their lives to the Savior in the rock baptistery built into the hillside that overlooks the valley where each night ends with a devotional.

One of the unique attributes of camp are the volunteers who help make it the caring place it is known to be. Adult leaders from churches all across the country and occasionally the United States, make the trip to Cisco each summer to help make every week of camp run smooth. Unlike many summer camps, there is no paid staff and each session has trained and licensed staff members who adhere to the call of Christ to be servant leaders impacting forever, God’s kingdom for the good of those who attend. At LAKE CISCO CHRISTIAN CAMP, the command of “bring the children to me” is the way staff members are typically remembered by those whose lives are changed.

During the offseason through the years, the camp has hosted numerous family reunions, retreats of all kinds, evangelistic meetings, and wedding ceremonies. There have been periods of change and addition at the camp ground, and there will always continue to be. Some things though, have not changed. The “Tabernacle” has long been the most recognizable structure on the grounds; it is as enduring as the people each child remembers who have impacted their own faith. It has always stood much like the camp itself: a retreat from the stress of the outside.

There is never a moment, where LAKE CISCO CHRISTIAN CAMP cannot be the place where your memories, or the memories of your children or grandchildren, return to feel the peace and love it has existed to become in the lives of the many who walked its grounds before, or those who built it to be, just that place.

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